Moshi has been unwell and had several trips to the vets. Seems like the kitten food is not good for him!
Have tried all brands and he is also v lactose intolerant so no nice yoghurt pots for him!
Have decided, after researching as much as I could , to make my own cat food and it is working  out to be much cheaper than the Royal Canin food they were on.
Heres the recipe! give about 8% of their body weight in protein per day, 10 % then is carbs and the rest veg
This means that I give 240g of chicken breast or turkey or rabbit or lamb per kitten per day
50% of this I give in raw form ( have put it briefly in boiling water just to get the juice and bugs off.
1 tablespoon each of rice and 2 rings of chopped cooked carrot or a small spoon of peas crushed.
I give this over 3 meals in the day.
They are thriving on it.
Every now an again I given them a raw egg yolk mixed in.
I one meal I also put about 1.5 ml of Salmon oil.
This should give the most balanced Diet and also includes the most essential Taurine,
For calcium I have a Cat-um complimentary additive.
It looks hard work but all this can be frozen and a weeks worth made in one sitting!
I have costed it out with using human grade chicken breasts from Tesco and costs £1.50 per 3kg kitten per day. kitten food was costing me £2.37 per kitten per day.
I know this is not lot about cosmetic surgery but this has kept me busy recently.
Here are some up to date piccies.