Asked to do a TV interview for Levant TV about Breast Surgery. Enjoyed the whole experience.
Here is some information about the company and I was emphasising the female patient to female surgeon aspect as this TV station  is looking at the  Middle Eastern audience. Can search fro my interview on their web pages.

The Channel
Levant TV is a Middle Eastern  online television based in London and broadcasting in English. It covers the moderate Middle Eastern culture with a Levantine flavour. Levant TV is licensed by the UK’s communication regulator Ofcom.

The channel aims to become a well-established television that enriches people’s lives by the furthering of knowledge about the Levantine culture of tolerance and coexistence and by highlighting on the rich history of the Middle East.

Levant TV is committed to create compelling, socially responsible TV shows with cross-cultural sensibility and an international flare. Levant TV is in continuous search for innovative and fresh ideas to produce TV shows that are focused on the interaction between the Western world and the Orient region of the Middle East and are targeted at Western audiences.