Also Information and photos on Breast Lift with breast enlargement.

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If you are considering a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) please read on and then you may want to open and read my full information sheet that can be found at the end of this page or in the information sheet section on the home page.

In summary
I perform breast lift surgery regularly in my practice and will discuss fully the surgery in your consultation. It may be where you only need a small breast lift and in this case the scars can mostly be around the nipple area. In the lift that requires more skin to be taken away, you may require a vertical scar to the middle of the breast running from just below the nipple to the crease at the bottom of your breast. In the lifts that need the nipple moving up a fair way on the chest wall it usually requires a scar in this crease as well.

The operation for a breast lift usually does not need an overnight stay at the hospital. Many of the hospitals in which I work have operation packages in place and allow for a nights stay in the package cost. The package means that you do not need to worry about any other cost from the time of your admission to discharge.

Please contact my secretary or the hospital of your choice for a discussion about Breast lift surgery and they will be very happy to let you know about all your care.


The lift can be performed in a variety of surgical techniques, depending on the size of your breast and how low the nipple is on your chest wall.

I typical lift pattern is called the inverted T or anchor pattern of scarring. This is a cut around the nipple/areolar, another going down the breast (vertical scar) and one under the breast.
This lady demonstrates this pattern. She had a small reduction on this side, but is the same scarring pattern for a anchor scar breast lift.

Pre-Operation Post-Operation: 6 weeks Post-operation:1 year


Patient 1
Full Mastopexy. This lady will go for implants 4 months after this surgery.

Post-surgery: After 6 weeks
A scar around the areolar, a vertical scar and a small scar at the bottom of the breast.

Patient 2
Pre operative
Just a Breast lift (Mastopexy) to get the breasts back on to chest wall. Happy with size.

Post-Operation: ONLY 5 weeks,
Had a full lift with one around the nipple, vertical scar and one under the breast

Patient 3
Mastopexy (Lift) before Breast Enlargement.

Breast asymmetry with the left nipple much lower than right. Very empty breast especially at the top.

Post-Operative: After 6 Weeks
The breasts are evened out, the Nipples at the same height and this lady will under go augmentation in 4 months.

Second Operation 3 months after the breast lift: 6 Weeks after Breast augmentation.
Shaped implants 330cc.

Patient 4
Pre -Operative:

Has a grade II tubular breast deformity (click to find out more) .ie underdevelopment of the bottom of the breast.
Mastopexy with breast enlargement.

Post-Operative: after 6 weeks.
Peri-areolar mastopexy (lift) with Shaped Silicone implants size 330g under the muscle.

Patient 5
Pre -Operative:
Mastopexy with Asymmetric breast enlargement.

Post-Operative: after 6 weeks.
Full mastopexy (lift) with Round Silicone implants under the muscle.
Medium projection 345g implant on RIGHT and full projection 415g on LEFT for asymmetry

Patient 6


Slight Asymmetry as left nipple lower than right. requires uplift of breasts.

Post- operation.: After 6 Weeks

Patient 7
Very Long but full breasts, also has Asymmetry as the Right breast is larger.

Post- operation.: After 6 Weeks

Requiring an uplift only on the LEFT and a small reduction for SYMMETRY on the RIGHT

Patient 8


A RIGHT Breast reduction wearing an EE bra measured to right breast as noticeably larger.
Only a LEFT breast lift (Mastopexy)

Post- operation.: After 6 Weeks
Right breast had 250g removed to a C cup (in her preferred bra brand). LEFT is Just lifted.

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