Breast Implant Removal

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I undertake the removal of breast implants and will take most of the surrounding capsule as well. This is called a capsulectomy. This tissue can be sent to be looked at under the microscope. A full capsulectomy is usually possible with implants that are under the breast rather than the muscle.

If an EN-BLOC resection (removal of the implant surrounded by the capsule) then a large incision must be made in the fold of the breast at least 10-12 cm long. this is so that the top of the implant /capsule can be freed from the breast

Depending on how large the implants are there can be a dramatic reduction in breast volume. This can suit ladies who have decided not to have a replacement and go to a much smaller size. the breast have a very deflated look.

Some ladies decide to have removal of the implant and then breast lift to put the remaining breast volume back on top the chest wall if the breasts had dropped. This can give the breast some upper pole fullness but overtime the breast tissue will drop into lower position

To give the breasts a little more volume after the implant removal, fat cn be injected into each breast just to plump them up. This is best done in conjunction with a breast lift There can only be so much fat replaced into the breasts, about 250ml each side is a maximum.

Our Operations offerings:

Removal of implants only

Removal of implants from under the muscle
335cc from left and 325 from right

only 4 weeks

This Lady still has a good volume to fill a B cup bra