Suction-assisted fat removal
You are born with a certain number of fat cells. When fat cells are removed these cannot be replaced by the body but each fat cell can become very large if you put on a lot of weight after the surgery. This can make is seem as if liposuction has not taken place. Liposuction is NOT a form of weight loss but rather a re-contouring of the natural body curves. I use the MICROAIR system for performing the liposuction.

The surgery is performed by using a hollow metal surgical instrument known as a cannula that is inserted through small skin incision(s) and is passed back and forth through the area of fatty deposit. The cannula is attached to a vacuum source, which provides the suction needed to remove the fatty tissue. There are a variety of different techniques used by plastic surgeons for liposuction and care following surgery. Liposuction may be performed under local (For small areas) or general anesthesia. Tumescent liposuction technique involves the infiltration of fluid containing dilute local anesthetic and adrenaline into areas of fatty deposits. This technique can reduce discomfort at the time of surgery, as well as reduce post-operative bruising. Support garments and dressing are worn to control swelling and promote healing after the procedure.

Please see the section on LIPOFILLING as the process for harvesting the fat is exactly the same but instead of the fat being discarded it is used to fill other areas such as the Breast.

Pre operative care

Having a shower with an antibacterial shower gel is helpful to decrease the number of bacteria on your skin. Also avoidance of Aspirin, burden, garlic tablets, Vitamin E tablets, omega oil tablets, ginsing, and ginger will help with the bruising as all these products can thin the blood and prevent normal clotting. It is best not to have these for about 5 days before surgery.

Day of surgery

I will see you on the ward and mark and consent you for your operation


1) You will return to the ward in a compression garment applied to the area of liposuction. This should be worn for 4- 5 weeks after surgery to reduce the swelling and re-contour the area where the fat has been removed.
2) The area will become very bruised and this will settle over the next 3 weeks.
3) You can return to work and driving once you are comfortable and this may take a week to 10 days and can depend on the extent of liposuction.
4) The true final outcome for the liposuction can take up to 5-6 months to finally appear.
5) The skin overlying the liposuction area will feel slightly numb and again this can last for a couple of months.


Patient having whole thigh Liposuction, both legs


6 weeks after 2.5 litre full thigh liposuction

From behind, a good shape now to the buttock crease

Pre Operation

Post Operation

From behind, a good shape now to the buttock crease

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