Breast Reconstruction Surgery in London

There are now available many reconstructive options for the breast in the immediate setting when the mastectomy is done at the same time, or in the delayed setting when the mastectomy has already been performed. I perform all kinds of reconstructions from implant-based to the free flap using tissue from elsewhere on your body to create a breast mound. The implant reconstruction is similar to the breast enhancement and I use the same implant type. Please see sheet for breast enhancement for this reconstruction.

I will be posting the information on the use of the back muscle to create a breast mound. If there is enough tissue I can just use the skin and muscle to create a suitable breast, but if a larger size breast is needed then an implant can be used.

The DIEP flap is a piece of tissue taken from the abdomen to create a breast shape. It is in the line of the tummy tuck and instead of discarding this tissue, I use it for the breast. Please see the information sheet for far more details. This can be found if you click the link below. The other area where I take tissue to create a breast is from the inner thigh, called a TUG flap. This will only produce a breast about a B or C size, so only suitable for the certain ladies. I will be adding an information sheet about this type of reconstruction later on.
Implant reconstruction
Back muscle ( Latissimus dorsi) reconstruction
Tummy free flap (DIEP) reconstruction