Breast Enlargement Surgery

If you are considering a breast enlargement (augmentation) with silicone implants please read on and then you may want to open and read my full information sheet that can be found below or in the information sheet section on the home page

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Breast Enlargement Surgery


In summary

I perform breast augmentation regularly in my practice using the implants manufactured by Mentor (information on this company can be found on the download sheet). It is a world-renowned company for the safety and construction of their implants. I use implants that have a texture to their surface as this has been shown to help reduce the incidence of a tight band of tissue, called capsular contracture, forming around them. I use a micro-textured implant but can discuss smooth implants with you. Please see the paragraph about




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Most are textured (not Smooth) on their surface, they contain a cohesive silicone gel (gummy bear) and they come in round and shaped.

The round and shaped can be with low to high profile as seen on the side view.

All this will be discussed with you and your chest wall/ breast will be measured your to see which implant suits you the best.


You may have heard of a new condition that has been mentioned in the press. This is a recent discovery called ALCL. It is one of the LYMPHOMAs in the breast.

It has an incidence worldwide of between 1:25,000 to 1: 30,000 women and is found associated with breast implants, especially textured. in the UK the incidence is 1:28,000.

The USA and UK have put out an advice sheet (March 2017) that women undergoing breast augmentation should be made aware of this condition.

It usually occurs 8-10 years after the implants have been put in and present with breast swelling, usually unilateral.

The treatment is varied but mostly consists of an investigation into the swelling and If positive for ALCL then treatments will be discussed.
Allergan has printed a very informative sheet readily available on this topic.

Many of the hospitals in which I work have operation packages in place and allow for a nights stay in the package cost.

These very competitive packages mean that you do not have to worry about any other cost from the time of your admission to discharge and includes a dressing clinic appointment and one more clinic appointment with me.

Be assured that you will only see me in the clinic and your operation will be carried out by me. There is no nurse run assessment in my clinics.

Please contact my secretary or the hospital of your choice for a discussion about Breast enlargement and they will be very happy to let you know about all your care.

The above image shows the most common implants I use.


This is a topic that has been put in the press and Social media, especially Facebook. It is a currently unknown, or unclassified illness that has been and is being investigated. The first research was in the early 1990s in the USA but still, there is no conclusive evidence that breast implants are related to general inflammatory illnesses, such as Arthritis, or can have an effect on cognitive abilities such as memory or tiredness.

This condition is about ALL breast implants that have silicone whether smooth surface or textured. It is also worth noting that all breast implants have a silicone outer cover even if they have saltwater inside them.

I will keep this area updated as and when evidence presents itself otherwise you can read about some of the debates on research web pages such as centre4research.

The Chest Wall and breast

The Pectorals Muscle attaches to the side of the breast bone, hence if the breast bone is wide the pec muscle will be wide apart. The breast sits on top of the Pectoralis muscle, images to right hand side.

If the implant is placed under the muscle with a wide breast bone then the breasts will still remain wide apart even with an implant as the pectorals muscle cannot be taken off the breast bone all along its length, only at the bottom part.

Having the implants under the breast tissue can help bring the breasts further together but not fully.


Various breast enhancements with different sizes, either round or shaped and either placed under the breast or muscle.
​For more images please see Gallery
Categories of breast enhancement shown below.

1) Shaped implants
2) Ladies with Small breast and a thin chest wall
3) Breast Enlargement with a slight asymmetry to the breasts (round implants)
4) Breast Enlargement with Nipple reduction
5) Breast Enlargement with a breast lift
Shaped Implants
6) Breast Enlargement with full abdominoplasty and a lady with a mini abdominoplasty




Pre Operation

patient 1 thin patient 

Post Operation

Shaped 225g

Pre Operation

Patient 2.

Post operation. After 6 weeks

Medium height full projection, SHAPED implants 330g under the muscle.
Photo to show the scarring in the Tattoo under the right breast at 6 weeks.

Pre Operation

Patient 3
Tubular breast, pointing to the areolar

Post operation. After 8 weeks

Medium height full projection, SHAPED implants 375g under the breast.

2) Ladies with Small breast and a thin chest wall


Patient 1

Post Operation:

SHAPED implants with full projection, 255g. Implants placed under the muscle.

Pre Operation.

Patient 2.
Thin chest wall, very minimal breast tissue, 2cm between breasts. LEFT nipple in different position to RIGHT
(NOTE: distortion to below the breasts is to camouflage an identifying mark)

Post Operation.

6 weeks
SHAPED (teardrop) implant 260g under the muscle. Medium height implant with full projection.


Patient 3


6 weeks
SHAPED teardrop) implant 255g under the breast. Medium height implant with full projection.


Patient 4
Very thin patient with breasts at different height on the chest wall. LEFT breast 2cm LOWER than RIGHT


after 6 weeks.
SHAPED implants with extra full projection, 300g, under the muscle.
This has also helped even out the position of the breasts.

Pre operative                               Post Operative


 Patient 5                                                                                   shaped 295cc under muscle

Patient with a good sized breast but has no fullness to top of the breast


Patient 1
Patient requesting a large breast implant


after 10 weeks.
SHAPED implants with extra full projection, 485g, under the BREAST.

3) Breast Enlargement with a slight asymmetry to the breasts
Pre operative.

Patient 1
More Breast tissue on the Right.

Post operation:

After 6 weeks
Under the Muscle ROUND implants, with full projection,
Right side 325g and Left 335g.
This has evened out the asymmetry.

Pre operative.

Patient 2
More Breast tissue on the Right.

Post operative:

After 6 weeks
Under the Muscle ROUND implants, with full projection,
Right side 345g and Left 385g. This has evened out the asymmetry.

4) Breast Enlargement with Nipple Reduction

Very large Nipples to each breast

​Post Operation

6 weeks after operation
Under the Muscle , SHAPED implants, 370g and nipple reduction

​Nipple reduction to left breast close up.

5) Breast Enlargement with a breast lift around the nipple/areolar (Please see Mastopexy)

Silicone Implants, under the muscle, medium height and high profile SHAPED implants, 345g. 6 weeks after surgery. Pre operative,the left breast is longer than the right and the nipple in a lower position.

Pre operative

post operation

4 weeks post operation, dressings just removed. Minimal scarring just around the Areaolar for the breast lift.

6)Breast Enlargement and full tummy tuck with liposuction

Tight tummy and needed a small vertical scar below the tummy button.

Breast Enlargement and MINI tummy tuck with liposuction.

Pre Operative photo
Post -operative with ROUND 410g implants under the breast.
Mini tummy tuck scar seen

Breast Enlargement with fat filling (lipofilling)

If you are considering a breast enlargement (augmentation) using your own fat please read on and then you may want to open and read my full information sheet that can be found at the end of this page or in the information sheet section on the homepage.
In summary
I perform breast augmentation using silicone implants and also using your own fat to increase the size of the breast. It usually needs a good quantity of fat to enhance both breasts. The fat is suctioned from the tummy,
flanks and inner thigh area, and cleaned so that it can be placed in the breast. I mainly perform this operation for breast asymmetry to enhance the smaller breast instead of using a silicone implant. If the smaller breast is about a cup size to 1.5 cup sizes smaller, then this is an ideal way to increase its size to match a breast that it no bigger than a D cup. It may require 2 or even 3 operations depending on the amount of fat needed to increase the breast. Only up to 150ml of fat can be transferred at a time to each breast. This can be performed as a day case surgery, but may require a night stay if a lot of fat is needed for the enhancement.
Many of the hospitals in which I work have operation packages in place and allow for a nights stay in the package cost.

Breast enhancement with Lipofilling

Breast Asymmetry and a smaller left breast Left Breast after 3 Lipofilling surgeries with her own fat to bring up the size of the left breast , a total of 260ml.