Replacement of Breast Implants

If you are considering replacement of your breast implants with silicone implants please read on and then you may want to open and read my full information sheet that can be found at the end of this page or in the information sheet section on the home page.

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In summary

I perform exchange of breast implants regularly in my practice mostly due to problems with the implants which can be rupture, visible wrinkling and capsular contracture. Visible wrinkling id difficult to correct even with new implants and may need some lipofilling to cover the wrinkles. I use the implants manufactured by Mentor (information this company can be found on the download sheet). It is world-renowned for the safety and construction of their implants. I use implants that have a texture to their surface as this has been shown to help reduce the incidence of a tight band of tissue, called capsular contracture, forming around them. Please read the information under Breast Enlargement on ALCL. This is a lymphoma that has been associated with breast implants.

They can be round (or shaped) as your preference but depends on the type of the previous implants and we will have a full discussion about size in my consultation clinic. Most exchange of implants are for ROUND textured implants and with shaped, there is a very high risk of implant rotation. The same pocket is usually used ie if you had them under the breast the replacement will be under the breast unless there is a reason to change them to under the muscle.

Depending on if the implants have been placed under or on top of your chest muscle, you may have drains and may have to stay in one night at the hospital. I have a preference to put the surgical cut in the fold that is naturally under the breast. If you had the implants put in vis the nipple I will exchange them via an incision in the breast fold. I new implants are usually 10-15% bigger than your old implants to compensate for the removal of any capsule.

Many of the hospitals in which I work have operation packages in place and allow for a nights stay in the package cost. The packages mean that you do not need to worry about any other costs from your admission to discharge.

I also can remove the implant and perform a breast lift (+/-) replace with new implants and also enhance the breasts with your own fat. Please see the operation menu on breast enlargement with fat (lipofilling). This would have to be fully discussed in my consultation clinic, as this is only suitable for a certain size and shape breast, but would then prevent the need for further silicone breast implants.

Please contact my secretary or the hospital of your choice for a discussion about Breast enlargement and they will be very happy to let you know about all your care.



Patient 1
Implants for 20 years. Very firm breasts and implants riding high.


Removal of round 210g implants and insertion of ROUND full projection 325g implants. A more natural look achieved.


Patient 2

16 YEARS AFTER ENLARGEMENT. 375cc ROUND, breast implants, with breast distortion and very firm and swelling

Post operation:

6 weeks
Full capsule removal and exchanged for 400cc Moderate + profile ROUND implants.


Patient 3
22 YEARS AFTER ENLARGEMENT. 210g ROUND, breast implants, with breast distortion and very firm.

Post operation:

6 weeks
Full capsule removal and exchanged for 265g full profile ROUND implants.