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Interview with the Observer

To again to discuss the regulation of cosmetic surgery in the UK and surgical errors the are occurring on a regular basis requiring patients to have corrective surgery.

Interview on the regulation of Cosmetic surgery in UK on Womens hour

A interview on women hour to discuss this hot topic and how it is influencing under 18s to have cosmetic enhancement

interview with BBC World Service on scarring

Spent an afternoon with the BBC to discuss the impact of scarring and its social acceptability. coming out End of January

Cosmetic evening at London Independent Hospital, Stepney Green , on the 19th November


To Butt lift or not to Butt lift!!!!!?????

We are going to discuss this and have a vote on Brazilian butt lift in the BAAPS conference.
I have spoken to a very sensible lady who had a life threatening post operative complication from this operation , she was very lucky to survive but has been left with life changing scarring.
My view is we need to confer TRUST in the surgeons that undertake this procedure, and trust means that they are qualified and competent. We don’t need this “cosmetic trafficking “of patients to under qualified and dangerous surgeons.

The Cosmetic event CCR runs with BAAPS

Remember the big CCR cosmetic event runs side by side with BAAPS conference next week at Olympia

BAAPS conference starts next week

The CCR and BAAPS conference is next week at Olympia, Wed-Friday. Big exhibition hall for all things on cosmetic surgery.

Women in surgery day

I’m representing BAAPS at the Royal College of General Practitioners today. A day dedicated to women in the field of medicine and surgery. They have some excellent speakers.

video of chat about breast reduction and mastopexy

follow this link and join the forum. and see what ladies wanted to know about breast reductions and lifts
Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and more – The ‘REAL’ UK Surgeon forum


Exciting news as now can come and see me at the BMI London Independent as well. The clinics will be on a Thursday morning an please ring Nicola on 020 8709 7806 or directly to the hospital on 020 7780 2400, Address is 1 Beaumont Square, London E1 4NL

Evening clinic at Spire London East

I am holding an evening clinic at Spire London East every 4th Tuesday of the month from 5-7pm.

Clinic times at Holly

Clinics are now starting at 4.00 and finishing at 6.30 on Tuesday 1-3rd of the month.

Clinic times at 120 Old Broad Street

You can now book to see me at 120 Old Broad Street (Liverpool Street station) on Thursdays
Times 11-1 and

ALCL conference on Hamburg

Attended the conference on breast enhancement and concentrating on the condition ALCL. Very well attended and a lot of interesting aspects to cosmetic breast enhancement discussed.

NEW website design coming soon

re vamping the website, so if it goes down from next week for a week its due to the new look!.
All information and contacts are going to be the same but a new look for 2018.

New website on photography coming soon as well

Will be setting up a website devoted to my photographs. You can access this website via this one in the gallery where I’m going to display some of the photos as well. You can also see them on the Chingford Photographic society website.

New extra clinic times at Spire

If you cant het along to Spire between 2-6 on a Friday then I m seeing patients between 8.30-9.30 on a Saturday morning as well.

See me on Real Self

Please log on to real and can review photos and details of my practice there and, if you would like, leave a review as there is a quick and easy way to do so. Can also leave a review on Real Self by clicking the widget on the testimonial page.

Ask me about new B-Lite breast implants

30%lighter than conventional silicone implants,,. Please look at website for link

Now on sub-committee for BAAPS council for safety and cosmetic promotion and patient information

Great opportunity to be part of the British Association of Aesthetic surgeons and promote our services.

Facebook page

I have put details of my services also on my Facebook page, so please have a look there as well.

BAAPS teaching in cosmetic breast surgery

Had a wonderful couple of days in Chester teaching about cosmetic breast surgery , especially about the new concepts in breast augmentation and chair to the discussion on Mastopexy and Augment Mastopexy ( breast implants with breast lift) . All part of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons , of which I am a full member.

Off to Amsterdam to lecture

Will be heading off in March to Amsterdam to lecture on breast reconstruction. Third time I’ve been there and looking forward to it as this time will hopefully see some tulips as well.

Doctify ,

Now Im also found on Doctify website!