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We are going to discuss this and have a vote on Brazilian butt lift in the BAAPS conference.
I have spoken to a very sensible lady who had a life threatening post operative complication from this operation , she was very lucky to survive but has been left with life changing scarring.
My view is we need to confer TRUST in the surgeons that undertake this procedure, and trust means that they are qualified and competent. We don't need this "cosmetic trafficking "of patients to under qualified and dangerous surgeons.
The CCR and BAAPS conference is next week at Olympia, Wed-Friday. Big exhibition hall for all things on cosmetic surgery.
I’m representing BAAPS at the Royal College of General Practitioners today. A day dedicated to women in the field of medicine and surgery. They have some excellent speakers.
Exciting news as now can come and see me at the BMI London Independent as well. The clinics will be on a Thursday morning an please ring Nicola on 020 8709 7806 or directly to the hospital on 020 7780 2400, Address is 1 Beaumont Square, London E1 4NL
Clinics are now starting at 4.00 and finishing at 6.30 on Tuesday 1-3rd of the month.