Breast Asymmetry and Unevenness

It maybe that you have one breast larger or smaller that the other, or just a level of unevenness.

If you are considering a one sided breast enlargement (augmentation) or a one sided reduction due to breast asymmetry please read on and then you may want to look at my full information sheet found under breast enhancement/ breast reduction that can be found at the end of this page or in the operations performed section on the home page. Please also read the information under the Breast Enlargementwith fat filling (lipofilling) heading on the operations drop down menu.

There may be a dip to the breast after having surgery and in these cases I can discuss whether lipofilling using your own fat can help even out the two breasts.


Example of Using an expander to bring out the breast

Right small breast compared to left. She has a GRADE II TUBULAR BREAST ON THE RIGHT.Insertion of a breast expander to bring out the Right breast with gradual filling of this expander and then replacement with a silicone gel implant.