Breast Reduction

If you are considering a Breast reduction please read on and then you may want to open and read my full information sheet that can be found at the end of the summary.

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This can be life changing surgery as can relieve tension across the upper back and shoulders. Many of my patients come back to clinic wishing they had had it done "ages ago". Please read some of the testimonials to see how it has changed these ladies life.

In Summary

I perform breast reduction surgery regularly in my practice and will discuss fully the surgery in your consultation. It may be where you only need a small reduction and more of a breast lift and in this case the scars can mostly be around the nipple area and a straight scar to the middle of the breast running from below the nipple to the crease at the bottom of your breast. In the larger reductions it may require a scar in this crease as well. All this will be discussed fully in my consultation and photos shown. The nipple and the surrounding areolar will be lifted into a new more youthful position on the breast and the heavy breast tissue removed mostly from under the breast and to breast sides. It is important to know that you will need a comfortable soft supportive bra after to operation as this will help with swelling and pain.

Depending on the amount of reduction you may have drains and have to stay in one night at the hospital. Many of the hospitals in which I work have operation packages in place and allow for a nights stay and cost of the bra in the package cost. The package costs means that you do not need to worry about any other costs from the time of your admission to discharge. At the bottom of this page is an example of a lady undergoing a breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time. There are very good financial deals available for multiple procedures.

Please contact my secretary or the hospital of your choice for a discussion about Breast Reduction surgery and they will be very happy to let you know about all your care


Remember when looking at the photos, patients request a small or large reduction, it is a personal choice.

Here is what a breast reduction meant to one of my patients


Just had my six week check with you yesterday.
I cannot thank you enough for changing my life.
I appreciate your hard work and experience in transforming me.

As soon as I woke up from surgery I said your a miracle as that is what it’s like.
I was amazed how pain free I was and on such a high which lasted two weeks until I felt the nerves inside my breasts coming alive.
After week 4 I felt back to myself again.

What a journey - my family cannot believe the change in me.
My posture
Clothes fit better
I can breathe better
The space I feel under my breasts - and that I can see my feet again.
You really have not only changed my appearance but I have the quality back in my life.
I forgot a few times and went to lift them to clean them and they weren’t there.
It is not until they are gone did I then realise how much they bothered me to the extent they did.

Your work is incredible and knew I had found the best surgeon for me.
You are friendly and welcoming and have time for people.
Your experience stands out.
Thank you for the life changing miracle It will shine in every step I take and in every breathe I take.
I am sure you have heard all this a million times over so although I am one of many it shows your quality of work is appreciated.

I highly will recommend you

Thank you again
Much love to you and your team


Patient A

A RIGHT Breast reduction wearing an EE bra measured to right breast as noticeably larger.

Only a LEFT breast lift (Mastopexy)


Patient A, 6 weeks post her operation.
Right breast had 250g removed to a C cup (in her preferred bra brand).


Patient B ,

Bilateral breast reduction for reduction in size and SLIGHT asymmetry. LEFT breast larger than RIGHT


6 weeks.
450G from RIGHT and 475g from LEFT


Patient C
Pre-Operation with markings


8 weeks
875g from RIGHT 950g from LEFT


Small Breast Reduction
Patient D

Post operation

after 3 months.
210g from RIGHT side and 200g from LEFT


Reduction with more Asymmetry

Post her operation

8 Weeks
RIGHT 858G and on LEFT 1004g reduction,

Pre operative

Patient F
Wears a GG cup, right breast larger than left.

Post operative

6 weeks
1125g removed from RIGHT, 965g from LEFT

Pre operative

Patient G

Wears a HH cup, LEFT breast larger than RIGHT.
unable to fit into a bra

Post operative
At 7 weeks

1.45 KG removed from LEFT breast, 1.38KG from RIGHT breast

Pre Operative
Patient H
An H cup bra and RIGHT larger than LEFT
Post Operative
after 4 weeks
removal of 1.4kg on RIGHT and 1.25kg on LEFT

Pre operation
Patient I
​​​​​​​65 yr old lady
unknown bra size. Breast reduction as had Arthritic shoulders.
Post operation
at 6 weeks
Removal of 750g to both sides
LEFT breast is larger than RIGHT, and LEFT abdomen is more full compared to right.

Pre Operative Markings

Post operative

6 weeks (110g from right breast, 195g from left, 1.8kg from abdomen)

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