Had breast reduction surgery with Caroline Payne 3 days ago. Was really surprised as expected a lot of pain and discomfort, however so far really good! Caroline is amazing in knowing exactly what you need whilst also reassuring you at all times. Fantastic Surgeon who l would highly recommend. If you are worried about this procedure, don't be! I promise you in Caroline's excellent hands you will be delighted with the results.


It wasn’t so long ago that trying to live a normal, healthy life was, for me at least, a constant struggle. Without respite, every day I was in constant pain and discomfort. The sheer weight of my chest pulled my entire body forward, deforming my posture and creating a very conspicuous hunch. My back and shoulders ached to the point I needed regular doses of pain relief just to get through the day. The straps of my bra cut deep into my skin, leaving it red raw, blistered and sore. It was impossible to participate in any sort of physical activity that would have been beneficial to my health, accelerating the decent of my downward spiral. To top it off, there were several occasions where complete strangers attempted to publicly humiliate me due to my bust size, which, alongside my zero self confidence, almost led me to becoming a recluse. It finally came to the point were I needed to do something about the situation. Arranging the initial meeting with Caroline Payne was very daunting, not only because of the impending operating and its obvious connotations, but I also genuinely wondered if she would truly understand my situation. Having met several medical professionals concerning my problem before, my confidence in this pre-op meeting was low at best. In the first few minutes of that pre-op meeting, I was utterly blown away by Caroline. No explanation was too long, no question too silly to ask; all the while perpetuating a genuine sincerity that made me feel so very comfortable. She did understand. That facet alone meant so much to me. Completely reassured of the procedure, I agreed to go under the knife. Friday 20th January 2017 is when I started my new life. I don’t think I can accurately articulate just how incredible Caroline is, both as a Surgeon and a human being. The results of my breast reduction were phenomenal, surpassing every expectation, every dream I could have thought of or wished for. The end result was more art than medicine, beauty more than function, perfection more than adequacy. My happiness since that operation is the highest it has ever been. It is truly remarkable that one person can have such a fundamental impact on another’s life. In short, thank you so very, very much Caroline Payne. You raise the bar and set the standard for all others. You foster a sense of professional pride I have never had the pleasure of seeing before, in any field at any time. Thank you once again


I had a mini tummy tuck with Caroline Payne When I met Caroline I knew straight away I would be booking her and I can honestly say I am so pleased I did because my results are fantastic I could not recommend Caroline enough. She looked after me from first consultation through to after care Thank you very much Caroline


I am a 63 years old and was very lucky to hear about Caroline with having very big breast after having children they were so uncomfortable and low made buying clothes, bras, and sleeping Impossible. I can't tell you having the bust reduction has made my life so much better in lots of ways. I can't thank Caroline enough and the staff was fantastic they couldn't do enough for me. Now I am a 34E. And was a 34DD. And buying my first blouse was amazing to think I can't have button up for the first time in 30 years or more now I can't stop smiling to think I can buy what I like instead of passing them by.

Caroline Comment

Thank you very much for this testimonial. I am so pleased that the operation has had such an impact on your life. I have to say that you were at least a G cup when I met you and it is the usual case of just trying to find a bra that holds everything up. Hope fully the much smaller size will be of great benefit to you.


I am 36 years old and after breast feeding all three of my children for 12 months each I was left will 34AA breasts. They were incredibly deflated. I tried all the soul-searching I could to do but I found it so hard living with such a small cleavage. As soon as I met Ms Payne she made me feel at ease. She talked me through everything and always had time for my questions. I felt very safe in her care and would definitely recommend her. I now have 34D breasts and I am very happy.


I had breast augmentation on 4h March 2016, my surgeon being Caroline Payne. I was a 34/36B. Although I had very good breast volume I always wanted to be bigger. I knew exactly what I wanted when I visited Caroline for my first consultation which was for 15 minutes & free of charge. I had 335 Teardrop & Caroline recommended Medium Volume. Caroline listened to what I wanted & has a lovely down to earth friendly personality. I also wanted a female surgeon which is hard to find. Caroline puts the safety of her patient first & her anaesthetist is also great. I now have lovely 34E boobs which look so natural. I have recommended Caroline to several of my friends. Thanks Caroline.


I recently underwent breast augmentation surgery performed by Caroline Payne. After quite a bit of online research and consultations with numerous plastic surgeons I decided to go ahead with Caroline. She was by far the most efficient and meticulous surgeon that made me feel at ease from start to finish by answering all of my questions and helping me decide which implant size to choose that would look most natural. Surgery went well and I had virtually no pain only discomfort. Caroline has been present throughout and my follow up care has been brilliant. 8 weeks post surgery and I am beyond thrilled with the results. I can't thank Caroline and her amazing team enough for everything. I am so much happier with my body now and have not regretted my decision once.


After a life time of big breasts and having to wrestle with bras and clothing every day of the week I now have perfect breasts. from the minute I had my surgery I knew this was the person I really was inside. I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes so would instead lavish all of my attention on shopping for my girls. I have just had the most enjoyable bra shopping experience of a life time. I have gone from a 36GG to a 36 D overnight. People are commenting that I look like I have lost a lot of weight, it's actually that no one could see past my breasts before. If there is anyone thinking about reduction all I can say is do it. It's life changing. Caroline was fantastic and the whole experience professional and easy. My scars after just 2 months are beginning to fade and I was back to work after just 2 weeks. Marvellous


Before my op I had very odd tubular breasts. Although I am only 21 I had to have an uplift as well as implants. 6 weeks after my op my scars have completely heeled and I'm so happy with the results. The scars are so fine and well done they do not bother me one bit. After 21 years of having small, droppy and uneven breasts I have finally got my perfect breasts. I was a 34B and now I am a 32E after having 475 cc in one breast and 445 cc in the other, teardrop and under the muscle implants. I couldn't be happier, the after care was amazing and even now if i have a question Caroline is quick to answer and let's me know exactly what is going on. So so happy with the results and can't wait to go bra shopping!


I'm 17 years old and was really unhappy as I had lost over 4 stone and the effect had taken a toll on my breasts. I was scared about the scarring but I decided to go through with mastopexy (breast uplift). Caroline was very friendly and made me feel really comfortable, her team were very friendly and everyone was happy to answer any questions I had. The care that I received was incredible, and I received really great advice for post operative care. I couldn't be happier with the end result. I feel confident to wear clothes without a bra that I could never have done!! I love my new boobs!


If you are considering having a breast reduction i couldn't recommend Dr Payne enough. From my consultation right through to my six week post op check up she has been absolutely amazing. I am 25 years old, approximately a size 12-14 in clothes and i was a 34HH - 34J. I never liked my boobs from when i was in secondary school and felt extremely self concious about how i looked as they made me look bigger than what i was and i struggled to buy "pretty bras and tops". I wanted a breast reduction for years and for me going with a female surgeon was quite important as i wanted to feel confortable during my consultation. I had been for previous consultations with other surgeons males and females but what made me go with Dr Payne is that i didn't leave my consultation feeling as if it had been rushed, and i never left with any questions unanswered or confused. i felt confident and comfortable with Dr Payne which i believe is how everyone should feel before going ahead with surgery. I am now 2 months post op and im struggling to find the scars!! thats no exaggeration. Dr Payne thank you so much, because of you i can now buy those "pretty bras" and my confidence has gone through the roof. your team around you including your receptionist (Nicola) have all been so amazing before and after surgery. ps: i am now a lovely 34E/F


I underwent breast reduction surgery with Caroline and her team in December and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! Through the years I’ve thought seriously about having the surgery and had even visited other surgeons but I’m so pleased with my results, I’m glad I put it off till I met Caroline though I wish I had met her years before. The whole process from start to finish was smooth, professional and well planned. From the consultation it was clear to me that Caroline was different in her approach. She has been a real breath of fresh air. She spent so much time just talking to me about what my expectations were, what shape I wanted to achieve and the specifics of what I was going to experience. I got to see lots of pre and post surgery pictures so that I could decide on what shape and how full I wanted my breasts to be. The truly refreshing thing about Caroline is that she doesn’t refer to cup size in discussions. I didn’t fully understand why this was important until post surgery. Now I can’t understand why other surgeons do! Having been large breasted my entire life I had no concept of what a C, D or E cup etc actually is and it has become insignificant to me now. I’m delighted with the shape of my new breasts; they are more in proportion with my body now. I had told Caroline that I wasn’t looking to have the perfect breast but to me, mine now are. Bra shopping has become an enjoyable experience rather than a depressing task of necessity that all larger breasted women will identify with! I am truly grateful to Caroline and her team and can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone thinking of breast surgery. Make your appointment today and you won’t look back!


Caroline is extremely meticulous and precise in her work and her aesthetic judgement is perfect. I am delighted with my breast augmentation results which are extremely natural and perfect for my frame. At 5 weeks post-operation I have a beautiful result and can barely see scars. Throughout the process, Caroline places the highest importance on safety and patient health which of course was my prime concern. Caroline's manner is very calm and reassuring but she is also very transparent and will be completely clear about risks, issues and expected result